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1. Anthropos Institute, Germany

As a post-graduate centre recognized by the University of Mumbai, Institute of Indian Culture offers the possibility of doing Master of Arts in Sociology by research. The rules and regulations for such course are stipulated by the University of Mumbai.

Institute of Indian Culture is affiliated at the International Level to Anthropos Institut, an initiative of the members of Societas Verbi Divini (SVD), a Catholic Religious Organization. The Anthropos Institute visualises itself as 'an international network of individuals and institutes dedicated to the scientific study of cultures and religions'. The beginnings of this tradition goes back to the Founder of the SVD, Arnold Janssen, who emphasised the promotion of the sciences as an important dimension of his organisation. The one who influenced the Founder in this direction and gave academic form to this tradition was Wilhelm Schmidt who studied linguistics at the University of Berlin.

Wilhelm Schmidt initiated the publication of much acclaimed Anthropos Journal in 1906. He founded the Anthropos Institute in 1931, at Sankt Gabriel, Vienna, Austria, along with Martin Gusinde, Wilhelm Koppers and Paul Schebesta. Under Nazi attack, the location of the Instiute was shifted to Château de Froideville, near Fribourg, Swtizerland. In 1962, the Institute was moved to its present premises at Sankt Augustin, near Bonn,. Germany.

At present, there are at present 44 members of the Institute working in and/or associated with various institutions including some of the following:

  • Anthropos Institute Sankt Augustin: responsible for the publications of the Anthropos journal, the book series Collectanea Instituti Anthropos,Studia Instituti Anthropos, and Anthropology and Mission.
  • Institute of Indian Culture (formerly Anthropos Institute of India), Mumbai, India
  • Sanskriti: Centre for Applied Cultural Research, Indore, India 
  • Sanskriti: North Eastern Institute of Culture and Religion, Guwahati, India.
  • Melanesian Institute, Goroka, Papua New Guinea 
  • Tamale Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies, Tamale, Ghana 
  • Cadraditya: Research Centre for the Study of Religion and Culture, Maumere, Flores, Indonesia
  • Aditya Wacana: Center for Studies of Religion and Culture, Malang, Indonesia 
  • Nanzan Institute of Religion and Culture, Nanzan, Japan. 
  • Anthropos do Brasil, Brazil 
  • Manse Nsae Research Center, Timor, Indonesia

For more details on Anthropos Institute, consult http://www.anthropos.eu/anthropos/institute/index.php


2. University of Mumbai

Institute of Indian Culture is recognized by the University of Mumbai as a Post-graduate Research Centre eligible to recruit students and for the Degrees of Master of Arts (by Research) and Ph.D. in Sociology and Anthropology. The temporary recognition was accorded to the Institute in the year 1997. The University of Mumbai, in pursuance of the formal processes and review granted permanent recognition to Institute of Indian Culture in its communication dated 7th October 2005 (vide No. Aff./Recog.I/5030 of 2005). As per the letter, Institute of Indian Culture has been given permanent recognition under section 88 of the Maharashtra Universities Act 1994 for guiding students for M.A. ( By Research) and Ph.D. (Arts) Degreees in the subject of Anthropology and Sociology from the year 2003 – 2004. Institute is permitted to admit 20 students at a time taken together for M.A and Ph.D.

As of the year 2014, four students have completed M.A. (by research) and six research scholars who completed their work under the guidance of research guides at the Institute of Indian Culture have been awarded Ph.D. by the University of Mumbai.